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Comparing the classic car and art markets

When there is talk about classic cars, they are sometimes compared with art – this usually happens in two ways. Owners or enthusiasts say, for example, that a certain car has a very nice body or other aesthetic quality, and…

The 75 most expensive cars sold at auction

Cars have always been an important part of our lives. However, for some, they are a social symbol where no expense is spared. The figures paid for the following majestic vehicles are almost unbelievable. See the list of the 75…

Lancia Aurelia B24: A tale of two sports cars

The Lancia Aurelia is one of the most famous cars of this Italian marque. From the original sporting streamlined coupe, a Spider version was born in the mid-‘50s, later replaced by the Aurelia Convertible. But why is there such a…

The BMW M1: One of the few

3 oktober 2017, JBR Capital

BMW is well-known for its sports and luxury cars. If you are looking for a new or young sporty BMW, you have plenty of choice. But if you are interested in a classic sports car made by the Munich factory, your choice is far more limited. One of the rare cars you could buy is the BMW M1, a car that is for several reasons very interesting indeed.

The Jaguar XJ220 – When will it be appreciated?

28 juli 2017, JBR Capital

From the mid-1980s, money was spent like flowing water. As a result, the prices of classic cars rose rapidly. But car enthusiasts also started to gain interest in new supercars. Potential customers were clambering over each other to be able to buy such a car. Porsche presented the 959 in 1983, followed by Ferrari in 1987 with the F40. Bugatti was revived and Jaguar announced the XJ220.

Maserati 3500 GT/GTi Spider – relatively inexpensive

23 mei 2017, JBR Capital

Twenty years ago, in December 1996, Brooks auctioned a nice original Maserati 3500 GT Spider for £29,000. In February 2015 Artcurial sold one in similar condition for £620,000. Nevertheless, this model seems relatively inexpensive. Why, you may ask, is the Maserati 3500 GT/GTI Spider such an interesting car? And what is today’s price level of the Spider compared with those of other open-top sports cars from the same era?

Bentley Fastback values – a decade of growth

27 april 2017, JBR Capital

In the past ten years, both Fastbacks increased in value very fast. But given the large price difference with the R-Type Continental Fastback, it seems that the S Continental Fastback is somewhat undervalued. The current gap in price between both models seems too large.

Is the significant interest in young Porsches sustainable?

10 april 2017, JBR Capital

In recent years there’s been a marked trend with increased interest in ‘young’ Porsche models, with a significant number being snapped up at auction. These cars are much in demand and, thankfully for buyers, the market is serving that demand with plentiful supply. For example, in February 2017 the auction houses Artcurial, Bonhams and RM Sotheby’s offered together a total 50 Porsches in the three auctions held in Paris. As a result of this burgeoning demand, the question asked by many collectors is whether the interest in young Porsches is sustainable.